Veluwe 2 Days – 30 and 31 october 2021


Foto’s: Kees Geers
Foto’s: Erwin Schoenmakers

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Results day 2 (31-10-2021)
Results day 1 (30-10-2021)

Night Sprint Relay 29-10-2021
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Update 24-10: Startlist by name
Update 24-10: Startlist by club

Update 24-10: Startlist Night Event

The Veluwe 2 Days will be held this year!
There are still some corona measures, but the setup is largely the same as in previous years. You will
receive information about this in the mailings of the organization and in the information bulletin. The information bulletin will be published on the website approximately one week before the competition.
More information about the Corona measures can be found here.

The Veluwe 2-Days will be organised for the third time by Argus Orienteering on 30 and 31 October 2021.

Day 1 – Kootwijkerzand
Date: Saturday 30 October 2021
First start time: 12:30
Race category: Long distance
Location CC: Lovinklaan 2a, 3775 KW, Kootwijk
GPS 52.177271, 5.761746
Terrain description: Extensive area of sand hills surrounded by mixed forest

Day 2 – Arnhemse Hei
Date: Sunday 31 October 2021
First start time: 10:30
Race category: Middle distance
Location CC: Leipzigerweg, Arnhem
Terrain description: Open terrain and mixed forest, fine detail

Registration is closed. If you still want to register, you can send an email to until October 15th. The organization will then decide whether you can still participate.
Therefore, in the unlikely event that you cannot come, we urge you to unsubscribe. This can be done by sending an email to You will then be removed from the list and thereby give another person the opportunity to participate.


Start times are fixed. Families with (small) children can request a free start time. For free start time, send an e-mail to
Course 10 (W/M-10 and W/M-10B) has free start time.
Child care is not available.
The start list will be posted on the site no later than October 24th.

A Sprint Relay will be organized on the evening before the Veluwe 2-Days. The Sprint Relay will be run in teams of 3 people. The distance for each runner is about 3.5 km. This is the real distance of the shortest route choice.

Date: Friday 29 October 2021
Start time: 20.00 uur
Race category: Sprint
Locatie CC: Sportcentrum De Bongerd
Bornsesteeg 2, Wageningen
Terrain description: Campus Wageningen

Registration per team on Participants need not to be of the same club. There are awards for the best male team, the best female team and the best mixed team. The maximum number of teams is 36. There are no individual courses.

On Saturday and Sunday there will be catering at the CC. Payment can be done by cash or card. Cartering is only accesible with a covid admission ticket (CTB).
We have available:
Coffee/tea/cappuccino/chocolatemilk Cake/mars
Cola/Fanta/AA-drink Split pea soup
Beer/Special beer/Radler 0.0 Warm sausage sandwich
Water (flesje 0.5 liter) Ham or cheese sandwich

Entry on from Saturday 1 May until Sunday 10 October 2021 or until the maximum number of competitors (350) is reached.
It is not necessary to make payments yet. When it becomes clear that the Veluwe 2 Days can be held, a request for payment of the enrollment fee will be sent through

Entry is only possible for both days, Saturday and Sunday, it is not possible to enter for 1 day only. There will be no single day courses.
Registration for the children’s course (string course) will be on site, and can be per day.

Entry costs Sprint Relay: EUR 7.00 per person

Entry costs Veluwe 2-Days:
Until 01-09-2021:
Adults EUR 25.00
Youth (up to M/W-18) EUR 15.00

Until 10-10-2021:
Adults EUR 30.00
Youth (up to M/W-18) EUR 20.00

SI-rent is 1 euro per day.

We would like to receive your payment before October 15. Payment can only be made in advance, not at the event. Any bank transaction costs are to be paid by the participant.
You can transfer the registration fee to:
Bank account / IBAN: NL 18 INGB 000 672 88 77, SWIFT Code: INGB NL 2A in the name of ARGUS in Barneveld.
State in the description for whom you are paying, especially if it concerns several people. If you pay for a large group, you can also mail the list of names to Please state in the description: “see mail by {name of sender}, dd {date of sending}”.