Veluwe 2 Days – 24 and 25 october 2020

The Veluwe 2-Days is cancelled

Unfortunately, we had to decide to cancel the Veluwe 2-Days 2020 on October 24-25, including the team sprint on Friday October 23. This was not an easy decision.

We thought and hoped for a long time that we could organize a nice event, taking into account the existing corona measures and restrictions.
In September, we saw the number of infections in the Netherlands steadily increase and new, stricter measures were introduced on 29 September. Although sports competitions are still al-lowed, we believe that it is no longer justified to organize the 2-Days. We see the following objec-tions:
– The permits are being reassessed by the Safety Region and the site owners. We will hear their decision in 2 weeks at the earliest, with the realistic chance that the permits can still be withdrawn. We would rather provide clarity for the participants and ourselves now, and not wait another 2 weeks and possibly have to cancel the event.
– The organization of a large-scale, multi-day event with participants from home and abroad is incompatible with all attempts to reduce the number of infections.
– Last Wednesday, September 30, the Belgian government included the province of Gelder-land as a red region, which means that almost half of our participants have a negative travel advice. Although this does not strictly apply to a stay of less than 48 hours, we believe that we as an organization should not tempt foreign runners to travel anyway.
– In our opinion, with the tightened measures (including no spectators at sports competi-tions), little remains of the fun and enjoyable event as we had in mind.

We are very sorry to have to make this decision, but it will not come completely unexpected for most participants.

As announced in our previous emails and on the website, the registration fee, for both the 2-Day and the Team Sprint, will be fully refunded. It will be refunded to your account in the coming days. If you have not received a refund by October 10, please contact

We understand that you would have liked to run, and thank you for your interest in our event. We hope to see you in good health again next year at the Veluwe 2-Days of 2021.

Organizing committee of the Veluwe 2-Days